Company name

G. Samaras S.A.


Medical Equipment

Soft1 application

Soft1 Cloud ERP

Implemented by

Ioannis Politis Business Consultant

The transition on Cloud operation offered a modern ERP system to our company, with configuration abilities according to our development demands. The advanced Soft1 Cloud ERP solutions provide our employees with easy and reliable access in business data, without geographical or time restrictions, facilitating the installation of big-distance projects.

Menelaus Samaras, CEO, G.Samaras S.A.

G. Samaras S.A.

G. Samaras S.A. is an international multi-regional company located in Thessaloniki, Greece. The company is active in the medical gas field since 1968, having a track record of continuous growth and a gained leadership in the Greek market, holding more than 85% of the share. G. Samaras S.A. has also a significant presence abroad, exproting its products and services in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

  • Company’s ERP system modernization
  • Flexible management of continuous data volume growth, due to new markets entry
  • Additional storage capacity provision for secure critical data saving, according to company’s needs
  • Direct access for company’s employees in business data from everywhere
  • Effective management of increased support needs and continuous software update from vendor
  • ERP’s operating costs reduction

  • ERP operation on Windows Azure platform for high system availability
  • Full business operations integration with Soft1 Cloud ERP
  • Safe and flexible coverage of increasing data storage needs, using Microsoft’s contemporary data bases
  • Employees’ fast and reliable access to software, using Softone’s innovating web and mobile apps
  • ERP’s non-interrupted (24x7) operation, without extra support requirements
  • Continuous software development and updates with newer versions
  • Flexible payment model adoption (pay as you go), allowing company’s ERP cost escalation based on its actual needs

  • Business processes automation, allowing faster and more efficient business functions execution
  • Significantly operational costs reduction
  • Flexible storage of company’s critical informational resources in cloud environment
  • Easy adjustment ability in order to meet present and future needs, due to business development demands
  • Anywhere, anytime access in business data
  • Increase employees’ productivity and more efficient cooperation with clients and suppliers
  • Economical ERP’s costs coverage, with low initial investment risk

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