Soft1 Technology

Innovative technologies that create business results!


Soft1 software features a series of substantial benefits that pertain to its structural architecture, technologies and its functionality.

It is one of the most innovative business software solutions, as it was designed with advanced technical specifications, exploiting cutting-edge technology.

The technologies included in Soft1 ERP allow for extremely high processing speeds in different data bases, while demanding less bandwidth.

This flexibility is what makes Soft1 the ideal solution not only for smaller companies with simple needs, but also for large businesses with more complex requirements. It is ideal for groups of companies, as well as for smaller commercial enterprises, production units, franchise companies, store chains, sales providers etc. offering benefits such as:


  • The exploitation of advanced development tools, methodologies and innovative technologies.
  • The development of applications based on international standards that enforce quality norms, not just on the initial design of the applications, but throughout their entire development cycle.
  • The use of a common execution platform -SoftOne Business Explorer (Player)- which homogenizes the development, standardization, installation, maintenance and use of the applications.
  • The exploitation of SoftOne Business Explorer, in order to significantly reduce the time of function adaptation to any new or special demands.
  • The capability to apportion processing power and/or the data base to more than one server, for the more efficient operation of the system.