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Digital transformation in simple steps and SoftOne’s approach

June 17, 2022

Trends & Views

Digital transformation has become a buzzword, but when it comes to actually achieving this goal, most experts, consultants, etc. have nothing but general ideas that prove to be less than helpful. SoftOne’s solution for digital transformation with simple steps guarantees immediate payback, without significant initial investment, but with cost-effective measures and the possibility of gradual integration with existing infrastructure, among others.

The pandemic may be coming to an end, as everything seems to indicate, but it has brought to the fore situations, conditions, and trends that, although pre-existing, were mainly established during this period. A typical example is digital transformation, which has now become essential for businesses that wish to maintain their competitiveness and survive in a tough international environment.

And while the challenge appears to be a great one, especially for the small and medium-sized enterprises that form the backbone of Greek economy, the answers are not so clear, forcing decision makers to remain cautious and reluctant to proceed, and quite justifiably so, since a lot of experts have been offering digital transformation, but without a plan or tangible results.

The answer is offered by SoftOne, one of the biggest business software vendors in Greece, which offers a range of applications and services aimed exclusively at digital transformation. SoftOne introduces the “simple steps” approach. The main advantage of this approach is that it offers immediate, cost-effective, and efficient results, while not requiring a large – and in some cases even prohibitive – initial investment. Moreover, it does not disturb the existing infrastructure or the daily activities of the business in the least, as it solves the problem of integration, which is very often the cause of failure for the most expensive projects.

The simple steps approach is based on the concept that there is no need for an overall plan from the beginning, which is both costly and unrealistic. Your business can proceed with digital transformation in the same way that the Greek state does – with small changes, where one step leads to the next one, and the end result is secure and reliable. In this way, you will achieve your initial objectives, gaining confidence along the way to move on to the next stage, and increasing your credibility and profitability.

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