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SoftOne introduces “Soft1 Series 6” ERP Solution

June 7, 2022

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Digital Transformation with small steps

SoftOne Technologies proudly presents the Soft1 Series 6 ERP solution, following its long-established tradition of launching innovative products and services. Fully aligned with the very principles of SoftOne’s DNA (innovation, simplicity, and reliability), Soft1 Series 6 reshapes digital transformation, making it a simple-to-deploy process for any business, regardless of size and industry of involvement.

Featuring a new, even friendlier, and faster UI, product improvements, new modules, applications, and cloud services, Soft1 Series 6 enables any business to embark on its digital transformation with small steps that can be gradually implemented, creating high-added-value for its entire operation.

SoftOne’s new ERP edition introduces state-of-the-art intelligent automation technologies, making business process automation more effortless than ever for any user (requiring zero-code development). In addition, Soft1 Series 6 utilizes advance next generation BI tools, helping today’s businesses gain deeper insights from their data.

Among the main Soft1 Series 6 highlights are the fully updated Soft1 Payroll and HRMS applications that connect in real-time with SoftOne’s innovative myWorkplace web platform, thus drastically changing how businesses handle all processes related to Human Resources Management.

Incorporating innovative technologies and utilizing the experience gained from the successful implementation of more than 8.000 Cloud ERP installations, Soft1 Series 6 further optimizes the operation of Soft1 software on the cloud. Additionally, it extends its powerful capabilities to any smart device via SoftOne’s new enterprise mobility applications such as Soft1 S360 and Soft1 WMS Lite.

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