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LOUX empowers its sales team with Soft1 360

March 29, 2017

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LOUX, the largest Greek soft drink and juice company, has selected SoftOne (a member of Olympia Group of companies) and its out-of-the-box enterprise mobility solution to automate critical sales processes.

DATUM Business Solutions, a SoftOne certified partner, has successfully implemented Soft1 360, helping LOUX’s sales people to efficiently carry out all meeting-related tasks at their customers’ premises, simply by using their mobile device (laptop, tablet or smartphone).

Fully adjusted around the needs of the company’s mobile salesforce, Soft1 360 enables the use of CRM functionality whenever needed, to easily resolve support issues and manage questionnaires, new sales opportunities and leads from anywhere. Featuring an intuitive UI and functions that even support photo or video capture, Soft1 360 provides LOUX with real-time view of its corporate assets (freezers, stands etc.) that are granted to product distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Moreover, the solution incorporates advanced tools as Google maps, route planning and route mileage, allowing for task management optimization.

Soft1 360 automatically synchronizes with the main CRM installation, regardless of its status mode (ONLINE or OFFLINE), ensuring seamless system update even in cases when an internet connection is not available. The application significantly speeds up customer data collection and processing, providing real-time performance analytics that help LOUX enhance sales productivity and improve customer service.

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