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Trusted Solutions invests in Soft1 Cloud CRM for its Digital Transformation

November 12, 2020

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Trusted Solutions, operates in the provision of accounting and consulting services in matters of business risk assessment and investments, has chosen SoftOne (member of Olympia Group of Companies) and its contemporary Cloud CRM solution, to fully support all its business activities.

SoftOne’s solution provides the company with the edge to gain visibility into the most accurate customer information and better understand of their needs and behavior. Utilizing the advanced capabilities of Soft1 Cloud CRM, the people of Trusted Solutions have established closer relations wth their customers and upgraded their customer service. At the same time, the real-time data flow within the organization has led to error reduction, while increasing employee productivity which is quantified directly from Soft1.

Operating on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform, Soft1 Series 5 enabling remote access anytime, from anywhere. Thus, it allows company’s executives to efficiently carry out necessary daily tasks such as ordering, costing, revenue and profitability.

Soft1 Cloud CRM, fully automates time-consuming tasks such as invoicing, driving bureaucracy out of the company. Taking advantage of Soft1’s advanced business tools, company’s executives receive automatic notifications for debit balances, ensuring the promptly updade of their customers.

The solution incorporates powerful BI and reporting tools that produce extensive KPI and financial reports, allowing better and faster decision – making, contributing to an exceptional operation and development of the company.

Mr. Savvas Rigas, CEO of Trusted Solutions, stated: “The flexible design and easy-to-use user interface of Soft1 Cloud CRM, make SoftOne’s solution the most suitable for our company’s operating model. Investing in cloud technology and a powerful business digital transformation platform, empowers our daily operation, while enabling us to deliver greater value to our customers”.




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