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Prospectacy invests in Soft1 Series 5

January 16, 2020

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Prospectacy Ltd, operating in tax and asset management services, chose SoftOne Cyprus (member of Olympia Group Ltd) and its innovative software solutions to fundamentally change its entire business operation and offer better services to its fast growing clientele.

Utilizing the powerful functionality of Soft1 ERP, CRM & Payroll, Prospectacy Ltd unified its commercial, financial and payroll processes in a single platform. SoftOne’s solutions enabled Prospectacy Ltd to experience significant cost and time savings, optimized project management and resource allocation.

Moreover, using the advanced Soft1 Financial Management tools, Prospectacy Ltd was able to fully automate complex financial processes such as the creation of financial statements and monitoring the company’s financial status. At the same time, the creation of custom workflows regarding the recurring charges, has led to errors reduction.

Mr. Sergey Babayan, Operations Manager of Prospectacy, stated: “Soft1 ERP is one of the best business software that we have seen in the Cypriot market. From the very first moment, we realized the ease of use and the efficiency of Soft1 tools. It was flexible enough in order to integrate smoothly to our needs and structures. The selection of a high-end solution, combined with SoftOne’s significant support, will lead Prospectacy to the new Digital Transformation era and its further growth.

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