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How safe is ERP cloud storage?

April 10, 2017


It is common belief that information stored on the cloud, are safe by default, something that is not necessarily true. While it may be accurate that your business data are at minimum risk when stored on the cloud, there are certain conditions that need to be met. The validity of your vendor and the policies applied for data cloud storage, are the most crucial factors that you need to take into serious consideration before making any commitment to a cloud vendor. Here are some significant parameters that you need to check before using cloud-based ERP.

Data encryption

Encryption is a fundamental requirement, not only for transferring data online, but also during their storage.

Encryption update

Apart from data encryption, there should be some additional safety measures that will ensure your data is not compromised.

Data backup schedule

The optimal approach would be to backup data several times a day and store the copies off-site. It is also advisable to have additional checks to ensure your data will not be lost in case something goes wrong.

Data access

It is easily understood that only your personnel and few of the vendor’s representatives, should be able to access your data.

Trained personnel

Your vendor’s resources should be able to properly handle your ERP data management and that involves -ideally ongoing- training.

Copyright ownership

Be sure to clarify this, before signing a contract. You need to be the exclusive owner of your data copyrights.

Physical security

Ideally, the vendor’s data center should offer adequate security, with features such as restricted access and multi-level physical security, e.g. locked doors, as well as access control that will set strict restrictions on who is allowed to enter the area. A data center should be far more secure than a regular office space or server room.

Firewall installation

In addition to site-based firewalls, you need to have firewalls installed for your storage area and applications.

System updates

There should be predetermined safety measures to prevent any malware intrusion during upgrades.

Notifications on safety policy modifications

You should always be informed about any modifications made to security policies.

To sum up, you do not need to get overly worried or stressed out in regard to safety. Simply try to clarify the above issues before deciding to partner with a cloud vendor.

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