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Remote Work and Technology

December 22, 2021


Remote work was introduced due to the pandemic, but it seems it is here to stay. Although there are many challenges, we do have the technology, i.e. cloud-based solutions or systems like cloud ERP, to bridge the gaps and give employees the necessary tools to keep up, while at the same time boosting their productivity.

The challenges

Undoubtedly, remote work comes with significant challenges that cannot be overlooked. For example, the loss of communication that comes with daily contact in the form of brainstorming meetings, team activities and friendly chats, creates gaps that are hard to bridge. In many cases, face-to-face contact creates a sense of community, strengthening ties. By the same token, it is not easy to pick up those non-verbal cues when talking with a colleague via teleconferencing, which can result in communication issues.

The epidemic brought new challenges for everyone in terms of health, family and work. Working remotely, while engaging with loved ones, combined with social distancing, often had great psychological cost, leading to exhaustion.

The solutions

It has been said that every challenge is an opportunity to learn and evolve. Let’s look at some tips that will help us overcome the challenges of remote work with the help of technology.

Firstly, adopting digital tools and systems in the form of cloud, is the key to meeting the needs of your team. Using tools like Microsoft Teams, is a good start. Of course, if you plan to continue or maintain a hybrid teleworking model, then more sophisticated design and communication tools are required.

We live in a digital age, where new data is being produced every moment. All this information, including customer data, can be useless if not managed properly, integrating different departments of your business to improve processes. For example, you could use a cloud ERP solution as a hub to communicate with customers and gather data securely that will be easily accessible from anywhere, thereby increasing profitability and productivity.

Communication priorities

More is not necessarily better, nor does it imply higher quality. This is also true for communication whether it takes place in person or remotely. Practically it means that the meetings should be short, clearly prioritized, straightforward and targeted. Redundancy and exaggeration are never effective.

Teleworking policies

To ensure that employees understand exactly how teleworking will affect their daily work and life in the long run, consider introducing specific rules/policies. These policies should cover everything, from allowing employees to work from anywhere within the same time zone or country, to ways of face-to-face contact when there is no risk. Some research could be done within the business to determine the priorities and policies of the new reality.

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