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The benefits of an ERP cloud-based solution

May 5, 2015


If you are looking for a way to cut costs, improve your operations and develop your business by taking advantage of your in-house resources, perhaps you should consider moving your data and services to the cloud. Even though on-premise solutions can be effective, the advantages of ERP cloud hosting are considerable: extensive customization, quicker deployment and upgrading options based on your business needs.

In general, ERP hosted solutions require far less management, as all hardware and software maintenance tasks and administrative duties are assigned to the cloud provider. As a result, your IT resources can focus on more important tasks, rather than spending most of their time monitoring the system’s operation.

Furthermore, if you chose to deploy an on-premise system, you’d have to purchase the required hardware, which can translate into an important initial investment. On the contrary, ERP hosted solutions are much more cost effective, while they support your daily operations quickly and easily, with minimum downtime. And since hardware upgrades are being handled by the provider, you benefit from improved ROI and greatly reduced total cost of ownership.

Storage capacity, additional cooling systems, extra floor space, more servers with independent cooling, downtime planning for maintenance, repairs, inventory and many other considerations that would keep you up at night are no longer your concern. In a hosted solution, all these run in the background.

Upgrades do no longer mean extensive downtime or after-hours work. In hosted solutions, the latest features, safety patches and any other updates are applied automatically. Your resources can use the newest features as soon as they become available, while your IT staff does not need to spend any time finding, downloading and installing them. Furthermore, you can easily add/remove users and change the assigned privileges without any interruptions.

In short, an ERP hosted solution is all your business needs to meet today’s requirements.

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