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Superclima Engineering Ltd trusts SoftOne’s solutions for its digital transformation

October 12, 2023

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Superclima Engineering Ltd, a leading contractor for more than 30 years in the field of mechanical projects, has chosen SoftOne Cyprus’ innovative ERP solution for the digital transformation of its daily operations.

Soft1 ERP Series 6 unifies all commercial and financial activities as well as Superclima’s customer relationships management into a contemporary software platform that supports the smooth operation and excellent cooperation among the different departments of the company. Fully customizable, the new solution meets all the special requirements of Superclima, offering optimum organization and proper allocation of all company’s projects.

The solution also integrates the innovative Soft1 360 application, which extends the reach of Soft1 ERP Series 6, allowing company’s technicians to access and use the platform anytime, from anywhere, through any mobile device. Thus, they are provided with all the necessary information (daily visits schedule, routes through maps, stock spare parts, etc.) in order to perform their daily tasks, while it fully synchronizes with Soft1, providing real-time system updates with all user’s requests.

Additionally, Soft1 Payroll comprehensive solution covers in the best way -and on an ongoing basis- all provisions of labor, insurance and tax legislation. Fully integrated with the technicians’ “Job Cards”, it ensures the system updates with all the necessary employment data (working hours, overtime, leave, etc.), thus automating the complex process of payroll calculation for all employees.

Referring to the implementation of Soft1 ERP Series 6, Ms Loukia Siamplettou, Operations Director of Superclima Engineering Ltd, stated: “Utilizing the advanced capabilities of Soft1 ERP Series 6, we have successfully integrated and automated all of our daily operations in a single platform.  SoftOne’s experienced team was alongside with us through all stages of the project, helping us to address every challenge of the entire digital transformation process of our company.”

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