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CaterPro Ltd invests in Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 6 for its Digital Transformation

July 10, 2023

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CaterPro Ltd, a leading company that operates in the line of distribution, maintenance and repair of professional food service equipment for more than 25 years, has chosen SoftOne Cyprus and its innovative Cloud ERP solution to embark on its digital transformation journey.

In collaboration with Yellow Applications, official partner of SoftOne Cyprus, the implementation of the contemporary “Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 6” solution, automates several time–consuming business processes (such as commercial and financial management), thus it helps the company to reduce administrative overheads, improve customer service and strengthen its operations for future growth. Utilizing advanced cloud technologies, Soft1 provides company’s executives with real-time access to important information, enabling them to work securely from anywhere, through any device.

Featuring out-of-the-box commercial functionalities (purchases, orders, stock and business reporting), Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 6 helps CaterPro to run flexible, tightly integrated processes, improving sales performance and profitability. Moreover, SoftOne’s solution incorporates powerful inventory management modules, enabling company’s executives to efficiently manage warehouses and accurately monitor inventories, as well as it fully supports the whole ordering process, ensuring seamless business operation and improved customer service. At the same time, the solution offers a detailed cost analysis, allowing CaterPro to manage and evaluate its projects more efficiently.

The successful implementation of Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 6 increases company’s productivity as it helps its employees to execute all of their daily tasks easily, fast, and efficiently. Last but not least, Soft1 Cloud ERP accelerates the execution of CaterPro’s cross-department operations, significantly eliminating complexity and reducing errors.

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