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DYNAMEC LTD chose Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 6 for its digital transformation

March 21, 2023

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DYNAMEC LTD, a leading company in the field of packaging and food service consumables, has chosen Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 6 for the digital transformation of its daily operations.

The installation of Soft1 Cloud ERP unifies all of DYNAEMC’s commercial and financial activities, inventory management, as well as customer relations and payroll management, in a contemporary software platform, thus achieving maximum optimization of all its business processes. Integrating innovative cloud services, up to date BI tools and the most advanced automation technologies, the new cloud ERP provides DYNAMEC’s executives with comprehensive information, ensuring both informed decision-making and leadership in a rapidly changing environment.

At the same time, the integration of the Soft1 360 mobile application – which extends the “reach” of Soft1 Cloud ERP – enhances DYNAMEC’s people’s productivity, as they are given them the ability to remotely access corporate data and use the ERP at any time and via any device. In addition, Soft1 Series 6 advanced AI solutions come to further enhance the efficiency of the company’s executives, fully automating daily time-consuming tasks, such as document or purchase order processing thus saving valuable time, eliminating errors and driving bureaucracy out of the company’s day-to-day operation

Furthermore, with the implementation of Soft1 Payroll, DYNAMEC ensures full compliance with all labour, insurance and tax legislation related to its employees’ payroll. At the same time, through the two-way communication of Soft1 Payroll with Soft1 Cloud ERP, is achieved the transfer of payroll expenses to the corresponding Soft1 ERP expense module, providing the company with the possibility of automatically generating consolidated financial statements and forecasts.

Referring to the cooperation with SoftOne and the operation of the new business solution, the CEO of DYNAMEC LTD, Mr. Alexandros Gavriilides stated, “Utilizing the rich functionality of Soft1 Cloud ERP, we managed to implement a specialized digital transformation solution within a very tight schedule. The direct access and analysis of important corporate data as well as the automation of our daily operations have already contributed to a smoother and more efficient operation of the company, ensuring better service to our customers.”

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