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SoftOne: Proud Sponsor of the CITEA Digital Cyprus Conference 2022

October 14, 2022

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SoftOne was a sponsor of the CITEA Digital Cyprus Conference 2022 – The Technology Revolution Reshaping Business, which took place on October 4, 2022, at Hilton Hotel in Nicosia.

At the event organized by IMH – a leading organization of media and corporate events- prominent personalities from the field of IT, highlighted the decisive role of technology in the digital transformation of modern businesses as well as the new trends that are going to reshape the business landscape in the coming years.

Mr. Vasilis Krassas, Head of Strategy – SOFTONE Group, analyzed through his presentation the role of Digital Transformation and explained how companies – regardless size and industry – can embark their digital transformation with simple steps. He also referred to customers’ success stories that fundamentally changed the way they operate, delivering high added value to their customers.

“Digital Transformation is one of the major challenges for modern businesses. Although, the transition to the new era can be done gradually and according to each business capabilities. According to SoftOne’s approach, the solution comes with so-called “simple steps”, each of which is completed before you move to the next one.  Since, every one of these steps is entirely defined and measurable, it leads to a small victory, helping businesses to start their digital transformation journey”.

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