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Small victories, simple steps, big results!

September 14, 2022

Trends & Views

Digital transformation may be the greatest challenge of our time, but most decision-makers are still not clear on exactly how to achieve optimal results. SoftOne’s answer to this is digital transformation in simple steps that deliver immediate results, with precise cost, and do not require large initial investments.

Changes in the global business landscape are significant, with businesses being forced to keep up with developments to remain competitive. Digital transformation is one of the most important new challenges, as it signifies the penetration of digital technologies into business. On a practical level, it is implemented through various digital platforms, IoT, cloud, AI and so on.

Unfortunately, however, things are not clear when it comes to digital transformation, with consultants and experts obfuscating rather than facilitating businesses. In particular, instead of providing targeted proposals with precise costing, they speak in general terms, effectively preventing businesses from making key decisions about their future.

This is where SoftOne – a pioneer in issues such as subscription models in business software (ERP / CRM) and cloud solutions – comes in with its approach to digital transformation with simple steps leading to small victories

The key principles of SoftOne’s proposal

Softone’s solution is based on the premise that there is no reason to plan the whole implementation in detail from the beginning. This would require significant investment and could disrupt existing processes and infrastructure. It would also mean that businesses would have to wait a long time to see any return on their investment, if at all.

With SoftOne’s approach, the solution comes with so-called “simple steps”, each of which is completed before you move to the next one. And since every one of these steps is entirely defined, measurable and with fixed cost, it leads to a small victory, enabling businesses to avoid significant initial investments, time-consuming analyses and difficult decisions that may fail.

An example of a small and effective step is the rapid implementation of e-invoicing, followed by the gradual integration of systems such as cloud ERP and CRM. The process will begin, significantly improving your business outlook and gradually, solutions will be integrated, enabling you to move to the next stage of digital transformation.
In addition, your IT department will be able to focus on profitable and productive activities, as long as everything works efficiently and seamlessly, in sync with existing infrastructure.

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