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Why SMBs are adopting Enterprise Mobility

September 14, 2022


Enterprise Mobility solutions help businesses access the information they need on a central location, which is usually the cloud, via mobile devices, laptops, tablets, desktops, etc. This is why the EMM market will reach 66.6 billion by 2026. There is no doubt that this technology can completely change your business workflow. Let’s see how.

Maximum productivity

In a traditional environment, new employees would have to go through a complex process to get management approval on different issues, before they can start working. In this scenario, productivity is significantly reduced. With Enterprise Mobility, things are completely different. A mobile solution with all the necessary features can give employees a significant head start, as they can do everything on their mobile device. This leads to increased productivity since people can now complete their tasks on time and send their reports within seconds.

Content sharing

While working, having to save files to a flash drive and take this drive yourself to the person you want to share the information with, requires a lot of valuable time. This is where Enterprise Mobility excels, as it allows users to create and share files on the go. File sharing helps create seamless workflows and, in the long run, drives productivity.

Data accuracy

Enterprise Mobility brings data such as authenticated users, number of connected devices, time tracking, etc., in one place. You can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on manual analysis and data entry. In addition, the data generated by the software is accurate down to the last bit.

Data analysis on the go

Data is not useful if it cannot be used properly. With an EM app on their mobile device, users will be able to analyze data, having access to real-time and historical data on their device, so they can analyze it from anywhere and anytime.


If you allow your employees to use their personal devices for work purposes, it is necessary to ensure that they are protected from malware, as they will have access to classified information. Instead of installing an anti-virus solution on their device, it is better to use an EM solution that provides protection against malware and shields your business data from cyber-attacks.

Cost efficiency

One of the immediately obvious benefits of Enterprise Mobility is the fact that it saves money. Employees working from a remote location using their own devices don’t need the office infrastructure. And with tools that boost productivity, your business will be able to achieve its goals with less resources and see tangible results in profitability.

In addition to these benefits, EM solutions offer:

  • More efficient participation
  • Better resource allocation
  • Improved real-time collaboration

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