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Digital Transformation on Your Own Terms with simple steps

July 19, 2022

Trends & Views

Digital transformation with simple steps is SoftOne’s solution to the challenge posed by the new conditions in business competition. Small steps, small wins – no big initial investment, no big promises. Tangible and immediate results. This is how your business can measure its successes, at any stage, and gradually make its way to digital transformation.

Digital transformation in a new major trend and, by now, most organizations have been convinced that adopting this trend is indeed a step of strategic importance for their survival in a highly competitive international arena. Nevertheless, many remain reluctant to move forward and take the necessary steps. And the reason for this hesitation is that, often, experts of all kinds offer generic answers and empty promises that do not translate into immediate and tangible results.

SoftOne, on the other hand, responds to this challenge with its “Digital transformation with simple steps” approach. It is a clear, direct, and measurable solution simply because it allows decision makers to achieve a quick and manageable win – something that can be implemented and operated independently – that does not require significant initial investment and resources, rather than having to plan in advance the entire digital transformation process.

E-Invoicing could very well be the first step, as it can be implemented in a matter of days and offers cost reductions, prompt payments, while at the same time facilitating both your organization and your customers on many different levels. The same applies to implementing a solution such as a CRM or ERP system that offers tangible results, improving your business image and profitability. Step after step, your business will successfully move to the next stage each time enjoying the peace of mind that comes with predetermined costs, elimination of disruption or downtime during the implementation process, and guaranteed integration with your existing systems.

Digital transformation with simple steps ensures the seamless and independent operation of the various sub-systems, thus significantly reducing the overall workload of your IT team and freeing up your resources. Furthermore, the provided automations entail less human intervention, which is often the cause for important errors with adverse consequences on your business credibility.

These simple, yet successful, first steps ensure that your business will continue its journey towards digital transformation, seamlessly moving from one stage to the next one, and creating value through efficiency, reliability and profitability.

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