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A Survey on Enterprise Mobility Market

December 22, 2021


According to a survey conducted by ResearchAndMarkets, the market of workplace services which includes Enterprise Mobility (EM) in Europe, is expected to reach 54,267.14 million USD by 2028, from 26,251.31 million USD in 2021. The Enterprise Mobility market is expected to grow by an annual average (CAGR) of 10.9% from 2021 to 2028.

The same survey also revealed that the EM market has grown significantly, as businesses are looking for services that can handle all the features of mobile security, ranging from devices and software to data protection. Especially nowadays, due to the pandemic, workforce demand for EM has increased significantly.

Increased EM adoption allows businesses to control, update, and even delete data remotely from a device for security reasons. EM enables employees to securely access sensitive business data without installing applications or software on their devices. EM is one of the most important services of the workplace services model, as well as one of the most important assets on the market, as it connects end users and allows them to perform their tasks effectively.

As a result, businesses can effectively mobilize their employees, knowing that access to IT services is scalable and secure. In addition, EM vendors are ready to offer solutions to businesses of all sizes to provide them with the right choice, which further enhances the demand for workplace services. The favorable circumstance for EM is -among other factors- one that is expected to have a positive impact.

In 2020, end-user outsourcing services had the largest market share in the workplace services market. Lack of skilled IT professionals and lower IT budgets prompted organizations to opt for outsourcing services. Since maintaining an IT environment is critical for system administrators in all industries, it is important for businesses to outsource IT asset management to achieve operational efficiency, compliance and cost-effectiveness.

This sector is already demonstrating significant growth, thanks to the presence of an advanced workforce in many countries, as well as the technological developments in IT, which has visible results in the industry, and consequently in the workplace services market.

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