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The advantages of EM in the era of 5G

July 26, 2021


As the number of devices used for business purposes increases, features like Mobile Device Management (MDM) are becoming ever more important. MDM solutions offer security for every device in the corporate network, and help ensure that the right protocols are enforced, if potential threats are identified.

Moreover, MDM solutions ensure that when a user leaves, their device will be wiped clean to protect business data, leaving personal data intact.

The advantages of 5G

5G will dramatically enhance performance for all users looking for increased bandwidth and security. 5G speeds will also contribute to the transformation of remote work as a whole. With 5G, employees can transmit large amounts of data faster and easier, and thus previously strictly onsite processes can also be executed offsite just as quickly. This enhances remote work, as well as productivity and efficiency.

5G also means increased performance on AI and IoT devices, due to faster data processing and increased bandwidth availability that allows connection to a significant number of devices. Of course, the ability of IoT devices to transmit sensitive information poses a greater risk of attack. Increased bandwidth is likely to lead to DDoS attacks, therefore requiring adequate IoT security infrastructure.

The future of Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility (EM) has significantly grown this past year, and this trend shows no signs of regression. Businesses will continue to invest in these solutions as they continue to depend on mobility to remain efficient and productive. For optimal results, businesses should focus on device management, enforcing strict security measures and informing their employees, so that they will adopt the best practices and solutions.

Remote employees need to ensure connectivity and fast access to vital business apps, while at the same time employers must maintain control and transparency. Businesses need to re-evaluate their enterprise mobility solutions, to see if there are any security vulnerabilities (in order to offer the right solutions). They need to consider how mobility will affect their future business plans and help them achieve the desired results, offfering flexibility and scalability for their current and future prospects.

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