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GB Futurebio Co Ltd invests in Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 5 for its Digital Transformation

December 23, 2020

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GB Futurebio Co Ltd, a leading distributor of organic & healthy food products has chosen SoftOne Cyprus and it’s contemporary Cloud ERP solution to fully support its business activities and automate all of its daily operations.

The user-friendly interface of Soft1 Cloud ERP has helped Futurebio to significantly improve data transfer within the organization, while enabling its executives to make more informed decisions. Featuring powerful Reportng tools Soft1 provide reliable KPIs through which the company has manage to improve critical procedures and optimize its business operations and performance.

Integrating powerful management tools, Soft1 ERP allows the in-depth monitoring of Futurebio’s financial development, as well as the optimal management of distribution and supply process of endpoints. At the same time, the multiple capabilities of Soft1 have increased employee’s productivity and upgraded the quality of services, provided to the network of partners and customers.

Operating on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform, Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 5, allows company’s executives to have real-time access to warehouses and manage the stocks anytime from anywhere. Utilizing a pure SaaS subscription solution such as Soft1 Cloud ERP, Futurebio operates seamlessly with no need to invest in any additional hardwawre or third party systems.

Mr. George Ioannou, Sales Development Representative of GB Futurebio Co Ltd, stated: “Soft1 Cloud ERP has become a vital tool of our company, leading us to the new digital transformation era. It has significantly helped us to improve all of our business procedures, allowing us to perform our daily operations from anywhere, through a single platform.”

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