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Soft1 Cloud ERP Series 5 leads “Kazazis Bros Bakeries” to the Digital Transformation Era

October 26, 2020

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“Kazazis Bros Bakeries”, a leading bakery with a significant share in the Cypriot market, has chosen SoftOne Cyprus (member of Olympia Group of companies) and its innovative Cloud ERP solution to completely support its business operations and improve its customer service.


Featuring rich functionality, Soft1 Cloud ERP helps Kazazis Bros Bakeries integrate all commercial and financial activites in a single platform. Through the powerful business tools of Soft1, the company can effectively monitor the financial development as well as completely manage stock and orders. With an intuituve UI, Soft1 Series 5 has been adjusted to each user’s role, enhancing their productivity and helping them to upgrade the customer service procedure. At the same time, real – time information, provide executives with upadated overview of the company from anywhere –  at anytime.


Utilizing the multiple capabilities of SoftOne’s innovative Enterprise Mobility solution, the company’s sales people can efficiently manage all the customers meeting-related tasks, simply by using their mobile device (laptop, tablet or smartphone). Soft1 360 helps Kazazis Bros Bakeries’ executives to manage critical operations, more effectively than ever, by automatically updating Soft1 Cloud ERP with all the salespeople’s actions. Daily procedures such as remote ordering, invoicing and receipt have been fully streamlined. In addition, both salespeople and sales manager have real-time information about the stock being transported to and from the warehouses.


Referring to the collaboration with SoftOne, Mr. Kyriakos Kazazis, Sales & Marketing Manager of “Kazazis Bros Bakeries”, stated: “Soft1 Cloud ERP has met from the very first moment our special needs and requirements. We immediately realized the ease of use and efficiency of Soft1 Cloud ERP and Soft1 360. Providing reliable KPIs and real – time information helps us make critical decisions for each department of our company. The decision of choosing SoftOne’s solutions has led our company to the new Digital Transformation era and its further growth.”




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