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SoftOne Cyprus: Leading Business Transformation in Cyprus

December 12, 2019

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SoftOne Cyprus, a leading business software vendor and member of Olympia Group Ltd, presented its growth course in the Cypriot market, during a media event.

The company has been operating in Cyprus since 2017 implementing an investment plan of € 1m, aiming to establish SoftOne as a top business software provider in the local market.

Offering a differentiated value proposition, SoftOne aspires to lead Cypriot business in the new digital era. Offering contemporary software solutions through its authorized partner’s network, SoftOne Cyprus fully supports the needs of any enterprise regardless of size or industry of involvement. Soft1 solutions unify all business processes in a single platform, providing companies with innovative tools that drive improved productivity and business growth.

SoftOne Cyprus has invested in a powerful team (consisting of talented executives with high expertise and extensive experience in the field) from the local market which is capable to fully meet the specific needs of the extensive network of the 172 customers. Company’s constant development and its customers increasing needs has led SoftOne to strengthen further its presence in the local market adding one more point of sale in Nicosia. Additionally, through its two offices in Nicosia and Limassol, company’s consultant and management teams are able to effectively support their customers’ special needs, ensuring high quality services for every Cypriot business.

Mr. Tryfon Papazoglou, Country Manager of SoftOne Cyprus, stated: “We started operating in Cyprus two years ago, offering a differentiate value proposition in the local market. Based in the principle of digital transformation, we aim to be the ideal partner for every contemporary Cypriot enterprise. Cypriot businesses prove their preference and commitment to SoftOne’s awarded products and solutions, so we -for our part- are very pleased to help these enterprises achieve higher growth rates. Following our strategic plan, we look forward to our company’s further growth in order to conquer the top of Cypriot software market.

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