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SoftOne introduces ECOS EDI

June 13, 2017

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SoftOne Technologies S.A. (member of Olympia Group of companies) is pleased to announce ECOS EDI, a contemporary cloud-based service that enables companies to connect with any kind of trading or business partners, in no time.

Being part of the ECOS series (that also includes ECOS E-Invoicing and ECOS E-Statement), EDI operates as a true any-to-any business communication system that allows organizations to process and exchange any type of paperless document, providing seamless integration with any enterprise application.

Utilizing state-of-the-art cloud technologies, ECOS EDI guarantees that all documents (such as invoices, purchase orders etc.) are exchanged within minutes, thus helps companies eliminate all transaction costs associated with paper printing, storage, filing and postage, as well as any manual keying errors.

ECOS EDI can be seamlessly integrated with any business software or accounting system via any EDI document standard, requiring no investment on adjustments to achieve compliance with other trading systems.

Incorporating cutting-edge features, ECOS EDI automates boarding in new connections, facilitating the exchange of all data between systems, applications and external partners within hours (instead of days).

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