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ERP safety on the cloud

May 10, 2017


One of the primary factors to consider when selecting a SaaS ERP vendor is safety. Below you can find more info on what you need to take into serious consideration.

Safety challenges

Protecting data pertaining to business operations, is of great importance, as this data is vital both to your ERP system and the operation of your business. Therefore, valuable data should be safely stored and yet remain readily accessible. This means that your vendor should be able to ensure the appropriate response times, providing at the same time guaranties on data protection. The process just described should be taken into serious consideration when selecting a SaaS ERP vendor.

Another thing that you need to be really careful with, is your customer lists. Customer lists are of vital importance for your business and therefore, you need to protect them accordingly. So, make sure to thoroughly check how this information will be handled by your cloud ERP solution. On the other hand, similar to data processing, performance is crucial when it comes to customer data management. Therefore, you should not sacrifice performance for absolute safety, but rather try to strike the right balance.

The same applies to daily transactional data. Transactions are greatly impacted in terms of performance, since an average business has hundreds of thousands of transactions on a daily basis. This data should be readily accessible and at the same time, safe.

Remember that you have a legal obligation to protect your customer data, while also taking into consideration matters pertaining to your business reliability and competitiveness. Ensure that the agreed safety measures fully comply with your legal obligations.


Despite all the safety concerns you need to deal with when choosing a SaaS solution, cloud ERP is equally or even more safe with on-premises storage systems. Furthermore, you need to remember that your vendor has a specialized safety team that is ready to exclusively handle all your safety concerns, in a much more effective way. So, if you choose your vendor carefully, your safety on the cloud will be guaranteed.

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