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The strategic advantages of cloud ERP

March 31, 2017


In the past, it was quite common for executives to be reluctant when it came to cloud-based solutions, but gradually people are starting to comprehend the benefits that such a solution can offer to their daily business operations. Especially in the case of powerful cloud-based ERP systems, some may feel somewhat insecure, exactly because of their complicated nature. On the other hand, if you examine the advantages of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions in comparison to those of-on premise systems, cloud appears to be exceptionally appealing for the following reasons:

Maximum security

Initially, many were under the misconception that storing sensitive data on the cloud, was against their best practices in regard to security. Gradually, people began to understand that cloud ERP vendors can actually provide a more secure environment, since they have the right personnel managing the tools and appliances that keep customer data safe. At the same time, vendors are responsible for identifying vulnerabilities and repairing systems with obvious weak spots. A valid ERP vendor is actually your partner when it comes to security.


A primary advantage of cloud-based ERP solutions is that they require no additional capital investment for hardware networking. Thanks to the subscription models offered by SaaS providers, you do not need to acquire new servers for your applications or databases. Furthermore, you do not need to hire specialized personnel for hardware and software installation, management and troubleshooting purposes. All these are covered by your subscription.


Another extremely important advantage is that, thanks to the subscription model, it is now easier to have additional services, covering all your needs at any given moment. If your business is rapidly developing, you can easily readjust your subscription, so as to include more. Obviously, this works the other way around, too. If you are in a seasonal business, for example, or you just need to cut back, you can adjust your license according to your current needs.


Since the ERP provider maintains the ownership of all software and hardware, they can provide 24/7 support to their customers. Unlike on-premise hosting that often requires customers purchasing support service plans, cloud-based solution providers usually offer this support as part of their service. The same obviously applies to software upgrades.

Anytime, anywhere access

The nature of SaaS solutions entails that you can access applications – and in particular every bit of information – from anywhere. This means that you can provide access to your personnel, if you have a remote office, remote employees or simply people that need to use the ERP system while on the go.

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